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We currently have extended holiday hours!
Sunday – Thursday: 10am to 10pm
Friday – Saturday: 10am to 11pm
Christmas Eve: 10am to 6pm
Christmas Day: Closed
New Years Eve: 10am to 6pm
New Years Day: 12pm to 9pm

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About us

Locally made dairy-free ice cream from Gati Ice Cream, featuring fresh produce from local farmers.
Handcrafted fudge, crafted with real ingredients and love, by a real mom.
We specialize in providing a variety of candy free of GMOs and gelatin, using natural colorants.
Strawberry Ice Cream Cone
Looking for a long-lost favorite candy? We stock a full selection of novelty candies from past decades.
We have an array of fun drinks available, ranging from classic sodas, to espresso, to ramune, to handcrafted Topo Chico sodas. We also serve milkshakes and floats using our vegan ice cream!
Whether you're serving 10 or 100, our array of sweets can be the best bite of your next party! Contact us below for more info!
Man Holding Ice Cream Cone and Sitting On Rody Pony

Our Story

We are Toy Joy's candy store!
Born in the heart of Austin,
we proudly serve Vegan Ice Cream,
Old Fashion Candy, Novelty Soda,
a large selection of Pick N Mix candy,
as well as an Espresso bar!

Our menu

Hand Holding Ice Cream Cone with Candy Toppings

Ice Cream

Enjoy an ever-changing assortment of delicious dairy-free Thai coconut ice cream from our local partners @ Gati Ice Cream! Made with no more than 4 ingredients per flavor, Gati goes out of their way to create incredibly fresh tasting flavors featuring fresh fruits from local farmers and Thai coconut milk. Stop by and enjoy a free sample of any flavor!

Stack Of Fudge Squares

Homemade Fudge

Our resident Fudge Chef is constantly cooking up amazing new creations! We’ll always have your favorite fudge classics like Chocolate, Rocky Road, Turtle, and Cookies & Cream, but be sure to check out some of our whimsical flavors like Unicorn Poop, Pride, and more!

Chocolate Milkshake

Floats & Shakes!

We love to make shakes out of Gati’s delicious ice cream! If you’re feeling sluggish, ask us to throw in a shot or two of espresso to liven it up! We also have a huge assortment of sodas to create floats with. Try a scoop of Thai Coffee Ice Cream thrown into a Mexican Coke. It’s lifechanging!

Bag of Little City Coffee and Glass Of Cold Brew Coffee

Espresso Bar

We offer a full-service espresso bar at our downtown location! We proudly serve espresso from Little City, an Austin staple, known for their direct-trade and ethically sourced coffee. Our menu ranges from espresso shots, to cappuccinos, to flavored lattes like the beloved Lavender Mocha. But the best thing you haven’t tried yet is an affogato! We take a tiny scoop of vegan ice cream, drape it with a shot of espresso, and serve. What happens next is up to you, but we’ve only heard wonderful things! We also have delicious hot and iced tea available! Downtown location only!

Rainbow Sour Strips

Pick N Mix

We have an array of options for the candy lover in all of us! From sour, to chewy, to hot cinnamon, to jelly beans, to delicious chocolate, we offer over 144 types of candy to pick n mix together to make your perfect candy bag. You are the maker of your own candy destiny here at Yummi! Go crazy! Mix the sours with the chocolates, we don’t mind! Life is too short for separate candy bags. Unless, thats what you’re in to 😛

Lavender Italian Soda With Topo Chico Bottle

Novelty Beverages

We’re up to the gills swimming in a sea of Ramune! We also have a rotating stock of rare sodas, including Cheerwine, Moxie, Earps’ Sasparilla, Dads’ Root Beer, Butterscotch Beer, Nesbitts’ classics, and many more.
For the brave and adventurous — we have GROSS soda for you on a seasonal basis. Wanna try a bit of Kitty Piddle or Grass flavored soda? Come on down!

Various Truffles and Squid Tentacle Toys

Chocolate Truffles

Our devilishly delicious truffles are the perfect bite of rich chocolate flavor.
We only sell locally sourced, small batch truffles, to ensure the best quality of chocolate makes its way to your belly!
Some of our favorites include:

  • Fudge Love Truffle
  • Butter Pecan Truffle
  • Sundae Bash Truffle
  • Birthday Party Truffle
  • Amaretto Truffle
  • Irish Cream Truffle
  • Carrot Cake Truffle
  • Espresso Truffle
  • Dark Chocolate Coconut Truffle
Assorted Toxic Waste Candies


Got a craving for an old favorite, like a Goo Goo Cluster? A Zagnut bar? Need some Cowtails? We stock old fashioned, classic favorite candies! We’ve even got the strawberry candies your grandma loves! Please don’t tell her that we are taking her business! Aside from that, we carry everything delicious that we can, old and new, like Yoohoo candy bars, Zotz, Ginormous Gummy Bears, Lollipops the size of your face, Bertie Botts’ Beans, Wonderballs, Kinder, Violet Crumble, Hot Lix Hot Stix… Theres’ too many to name! Come in and see for yourself.

Person Blowing A Gum Bubble

Sweet Deals with our Loyalty Rewards program!

For all purchases made at any of our locations (Including Yummi Joy, Toy Joy, Austin Rocks and Wild About Music) you can receive huge discounts towards future purchases! Ask an employee for more details!

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